NBA Free Agency: Mo Money Mo Problems!

What in the world is Timofey Mozgov doing with a 4 year 64 million dollar contract?
No one can argue that Evan Turner hasn't done great things with his opportunity in Boston, but 4 years and 70 million??? Bizarre!

No joke! Over in Memphis, the highly competent but in no way superstar level Mike Conley just signed the richest contract in the history of the league, 5 years for $153 million bucks. That is just outright wrong.

Just like Big and Puff said, Mo Money Mo Problems! With the salary cap getting higher and higher, players with more money are going to become even more entitled than they already are. And that is a huge problem because the game of basketball requires selflessness and most importantly the ability for players to humble themselves to teammates, coaches (you know, the guy in the suit on the sidelines who used to be in charge of the players), league officials and most importantly, fans! With second, third and sometimes last tier talents running around with this kind of money, coaches and team personnel have little to no shot at instilling a real culture for basketball. In short, this league is shot!

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