Each month we interview one up and coming athlete that everyone should check out. For the month of August, that athlete is Dwight Williams from Inglewood, California. Here is his story: 

General Questions

  • Tell us about yourself? What’s your name? Where are you representing from? What sport and position do you play?  What’s your sign (Just kidding)? My name is Dwight J. Williams. I was born in Travis AFB, California. I’m a military brat.  My mom served in the Air Force.  Although I am in MS for military reasons, I represent Inglewood, California.   My father passed away two months before I turned 6.  My mom is both my mother and my father. I have a strong religious belief and feel everything happens for a reason; both positive and negative.  I feel my Father is with me at all times. I play football (quarterback) and Basketball (small forward) and run Track (high jump, 200 meter, 4 by 2, and 4 by 1) for my school.  And for community service, I'm a Police Explorer. I'm also Jamaican (father).  My grandparents are from Kingston, Jamaica. 
  • What team or crew you roll with? Diberville, MS Warriors
  • What is your most baller moment in sports thus far? 60-yard pass.
  • What is your biggest accomplishment or strength?  My strength is my ability to read defensive plays and adjust plays after the snap and be able to see the big picture.  I am also very coachable; regardless who the coach is.
  • What are you working on right now to improve your game? Increase my weight and strength.
    How do you approach your game and do you mind sharing your workout routine? Do you have a pre-game routine? Practice as if you are in a real game. Give it all you have at all times.
  • If you could live one dream scenario in sports, what would that be? A dream for me  is to have both my father and my mother in attendance at the NFL draft when my name is called by the NFL commissioner
  • What is your end goal? Are you trying to get recruited? Get signed by a pro team? If so, summarize in 5 words why you should be recruited or signed. Quarterback position in the NFL.  Yes, I am trying to get recruited.  Loyal, dedicated, Intelligent, God-gifted, and Hungry. 

Rapid Fire

  • Cam Newton or Andrew Luck? Cam Newton.
  • Defensive or Offense? Offense.
  • Sunflower Seeds or Beef Jerky? Beef jerky.
  • Which one is a harder feat? Dropping 81 points in a single b-ball game or throwing 7 TDs in a single football game? 7 touchdowns.

Fill In The Blank

  • The best clutch play ever in any sport is the pass from Tony Romo to Dez Bryant in the play-off game against the Packers.
  • My number one football team is the Dallas Cowboys.
  • The San Francisco Giants are going to win the World Series this year.
  • I'm usually watching youtube football plays on a Friday night
  • I model my game after Troy Aikman.

Last Word

  • Where can people find you? Do you use social media? Instagram: D_Williams2002, Max Prep
  • Any last word or shout outs before I let you bounce out?  I thank God for my strong arm and my mother for putting so much money and time into my dream.

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