Program Background

Our program represents a roadmap and support system that assists and inspires individuals in accomplishing their goals from start to finish. The purpose of our program is to provide the necessary support—such as guidance, tools, inspiration, and exposure—to create the best chance to succeed for those who aspire to be the best at whatever it is they want to accomplish.

Each individual’s ultimate destination in the journey is defined by their own goals or passions. Each individual’s goals may be as simple as enhancing their existing performance (such as being able to improve their 40-yard-dash time or increase their bench-press record) or as lofty as being recruited by a top-five college program or being drafted by a professional sports team. At 5SP, all that matters is that you have the passion and drive to become the best.

How it works

Every program participant starts at a one star prospect and moves up the star ranking once he/she accomplishes his/her goal(s) set at each star level with the end goal of moving up to the “Five Star” prospect level. Each goal set at each star level is defined based on each participant’s end goal.  We work with various resources in the Sports community to develop appropriate goals for each participant and its relevant game plan on how to get there.

Once a participant reaches the “Five Star” prospect level, he or she is entitled to attend one of our showcase events (whether it’s through us or through one of our partners) to demonstrate and showcase their talents in front of scouts, college recruiters, athletic directors, and agents, etc.  In addition, 5SP is planning to hold an award ceremony to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments achieved by our program participants and 5SP athletes.

If you are interested in joining the program, email us at  In the email, please provide the following information:

  • Name and contact info
  • Your goal(s)
  • Why you want to join our program