Each month we interview one up and coming athlete that everyone should check out. For the month of July, that athlete is Adrian Edery from Long Island, New York.  Here is his story:  

General Questions

  • Tell us about yourself? What’s your name? Where are you representing from? What sport and position do you play?  What’s your sign (Just kidding)? My name is Adrian Edery, I am from Long Island. I play ice hockey and my position is right wing.
  • What team or crew you roll with? I am playing for the Metro Fighting Moose next season.
  • What is your most baller moment in sports thus far? My last game of the season last season, I had a beautiful one-timer from the point and my teammate poked it in.
  • What is your biggest accomplishment or strength? My biggest accomplishment is making it where I am but hopefully, in a couple months/years, my accomplishments will get even bigger.
  • What are you working on right now to improve your game? Right now I am working on playing with my head up, and working on my speed.
  • How do you approach your game and do you mind sharing your workout routine? Do you have a pre-game routine? Before my games, I listen to music for about an hour. I watch some highlights of my favorite player.
  • If you could live one dream scenario in sports, what would that be? Honestly, my dream is making the NHL and winning the cup, but I would be happy moving up a level by level.
  • How many championship rings you got? Haha, I haven't won a championship yet but hopefully, that will change in a couple months.
  • What is your end goal? Are you trying to get recruited? Get signed by a pro team? If so, summarize in 5 words why you should be recruited or signed. My end goal is to get as far as I can and hopefully get recruited by a good college team or a great junior team in a high junior league. If I were to summarize why I should get recruited I would say, " I am a committed player." Meaning I'll do anything it takes to get there. 

Rapid Fire

  • Cam Newton or Andrew Luck? I don't know much about football but I'll say Cam Newton.
  • Defensive or Offense? Offense.
  • 95-96 Bulls or 15-16 Warriors? 95-96 bulls.
  • Sunflower Seeds or Beef Jerky? Definitely beef jerky. I can eat it all day.
  • Which one is a harder feat? Dropping 81 points in a single b-ball game or throwing 7 TDs in a single football game? 7 touchdowns in a football game.

Fill In The Blank

  • The best closer ever in any sport is Alex Ovechkin...always comes in clutch.
  • My number one Fantasy Football pick for this year is Haha, I have no idea about football, next question :).
  • The Mets are going to win the World Series this year.
  • I'm usually out with friends on a Friday night
  • I model my game after PK Subban. A great one-timer that guy has.

Last Word

  • Where can people find you? Do you use social media? People can find me on Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, my name is Adrian Edery. My Instagram is a_edery18.
  • Any last word or shout outs before I let you bounce out?  One last thing, don't stop grinding








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